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Archana Trivedi, MD, Psychiatrist

Dr. Trivedi is a board-certified general adult psychiatrist with special interest in cross-cultural psychiatry, mental illness with co-occurring substance use disorders and use of interventional psychiatry (ECT & TMS) in treatment-resistant psychiatric disorders.

She earned her medical degree in India and her early psychiatric training was completed at Central Institute of Psychiatry, Ranchi, India. Dr. Trivedi completed her residency in Psychiatry at the University of Arizona.

Being trained in India as well as in the United States gives her double distinction of having trained in two culturally and ethnically different societies. This gives her a unique ability to understand the meaning of culture and ethnicity difference in the contemporary world on mental health services. She believes in integrating the psychodynamic principles applicable to the patients with psychopharmacology in the practice of psychiatry for a better treatment outcome.  She is also open to interventions such as ECT in treatment-resistant cases.

Her warm, accepting approach is appreciated by many of her patients. She is known for her excellent personal care and ability to establish a therapeutic relationship with her patients. She works closely with the patients and their families to develop the treatment plan that best meets their individual needs.



Krista started her educational endeavors on a somewhat undecided foundation, as is the case with many young adults.  She dappled in many different fields before her interests led her to a degree in Psychology and her career path today. As a young child, she always has a soft spot for animals, so it was no surprise to her family that she started her education with a course to become a Veterinary Assistant. However, she quickly realized that was not the perfect fit she thought it to be. Still unsure of she took classes and received certifications from various fields including; HVAC & R, Clerical Task Management, Human Resources, and Network Cabling. She obtained her Associate's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Business Management and went on to earn her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix in 2015.

Krista started working at Human Touch Behavioral Health in 2016. She showed the determination to learn more and earned TMS credentialing in a few months of starting the job. She managed the TMS program until last year. Her background in Psychology helped her in connecting with the patients easily. She is now promoted to office manager. She is actively involved in the training of new employees. Her main focus is an improvement of overall patient care at the office by improving the communication between the providers and patients. Her well-rounded education and experience have developed her into a versatile and adaptive individual possessing the ability to communicate effectively and the capability to be empathetic to others.


Danielle attended College at the California State University of Sacramento starting in 2012 and graduating in 2015. She Obtained an Associate’s Degree in Philosophy as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English. Danielle is currently working on her Master’s degree. Danielle has 13 years of medical back office experience. Working all back-office positions in a hospital setting including the Emergency room, OB/ GYN, and Pediatrics, as well as experience in the medical office setting working in Family Medicine and OB/GYN offices. Danielle has four years of Medical Management experience and truly enjoys working in and around the Medical field.

Danielle is happily married celebrating eight years with her husband; they have four children together which are her world. She actively partakes in her children’s schooling and sporting events such as football, cheer, and baseball. Other than spending time with her family Danielle enjoys baking, photography, and crafts including sewing, knitting and scrapbooking. She is also a part of 2 book clubs. Danielle is known for being hospitable and likes to host themed parties where she can put her creative skills to work.



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